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Consulting with Mandy can be compared to coming to a place where art and expression meet. Blessed with an ability to guide the customer to discover the soul of the gift idea, she then succeeds in interpreting that message into a piece of expressive art. The website gallery displays existing conceptual pieces and are samples of possibilities, but in no way are you limited from suggesting your own ideas. Mandy will also make suggestions on how to encapture your feelings through the medium of art.
Mandy will introduce you to the elements she uses, ranging from wood, glass, stone, silver, copper and other metals. She will explain about the beauty of the wood grain that she combines with her hand-written calligraphy on parchment. You will also be shown ways in which antiquity, craftsmanship and modern technology are integrated to bring meaning and life to the gift idea.
This process is fun and helpful. It is also non-obligatory. The objective is an end-product that portrays the personal message you were looking to express. A very special gift for a very special event.
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