Born and raised in London, and after studying art throughout high school, Mandy Broder made aliyah at the age of 18. Mandy continued her studies at The Jerusalem College of Art and Technology, where she was mentored by leading Israeli artists. Mandy soon began adapting Judaic motifs and themes into her artwork.

Mandy developed a unique style inspired by light and the texture of natural materials like wood and parchment, combined with calligraphy and printed text. Her creations emphasize visual depth and bring new life to prayers and liturgy. Her artworks have received great acclaim in galleries and exhibitions in both Israel and the USA.

Today, Mandy lives in Efrat with her husband Jeremy and their 4 children. The couple work together and create each piece personally. They own an advanced workshop with CNC machinery, and can produce a very wide range of possibilities, paying attention to the finest details.

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